Ex Machina reviewed in Hand+Star

Theodoros Chiotis reviews Ex Machina (click the quote for the full review) in Hand + Star:

Jonathan Ball is preoccupied not so much with the process of writing poetry as with the production of textuality in the age of information surplus. The evolutionary concepts implicit in Ball’s collection emphasize the fact that every single person who can read is now forced, for want of a better word, to become a carrier of the virus of textuality, resulting in “minds more powerful than rooms of computers”.

Ex Machina in the FFWD year-end round-up

Lauri Fuhr kindly mentioned Ex Machina in her year-end round-up of the year in Calgary books:

Former dandelion Magazine editor, filmmaker, teacher and poet Jonathan Ball recently retreated to Winnipeg. What a loss of great talent. We’ll miss Ball, but at least he left us with a nice parting gift, his very unique long poem Ex Machina, exploring the interface between man and machine. The book fittingly appeared from Toronto’s hub for experimental literature, Book Thug.

Winnipeggers can join me and Ex Machina at the belated book launch on Thursday, Jan. 14, 8 p.m., at McNally-Robinson (Grant Park).