Comic Chapbook Remix of Ex Machina


GMB Chomichuk (of Alchemical Press) remixes Ex Machina as an endless chapbook: The comic loops -- the physical book is a single page, double-sided, and you keep turning the [...]

Comic Chapbook Remix of Ex Machina2014-01-18T17:44:47+00:00

Ex Machina reviewed in Hand+Star


Theodoros Chiotis reviews Ex Machina (click the quote for the full review) in Hand + Star: Jonathan Ball is preoccupied not so much with the process of writing poetry as [...]

Ex Machina reviewed in Hand+Star2014-01-17T23:00:26+00:00

Ex Machina in the FFWD year-end round-up


Lauri Fuhr kindly mentioned Ex Machina in her year-end round-up of the year in Calgary books: Former dandelion Magazine editor, filmmaker, teacher and poet Jonathan Ball recently retreated to Winnipeg. [...]

Ex Machina in the FFWD year-end round-up2014-01-13T23:36:38+00:00

Ex Machina’s first “review”


The first "review" of my book Ex Machina is in: it's a "review" (with quotation marks) because it came to me as a text message from a friend: The book [...]

Ex Machina’s first “review”2014-01-13T03:08:25+00:00

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