Best Screenwriting Books

Since I read #95books every year, and write screenplays, people often ask me what screenwriting books I recommend. This page archives my top recommendations. I will update this page regularly to reflect my reading around the topic. Sign up below and I will email you free format samples so you can see the basic differences […]

Why Fear Experimental Art?

No good name for experimental art exists. Many object to the scientistic experimental, claiming either that science has a capitalistic classism or art should not be reduced to a form of knowledge-production. Less grandly but more eloquently, filmmaker Guy Maddin once (in conversation) objected that it annoyed him when people called his work experimental, because he wasn’t experimenting, […]

Taking Notes — Revisions, Feedback, and Editing

Recently, I was asked to watch and give feedback on a cut of a short film called LOVE SONG by its co-creators Michael Sanders (director, photographer, kingpin of Electric Monk Media) and GMB Chomichuk (writer/illustrator, graphic novelist). We were joined by composer Jesse Hamel, who created the soundtrack for the film. Michael also owed me […]

Your Manuscript Format Reveals Your Mindset

As a writer, what matters more than talent, even more than hard work, is your mindset. (You need all three; in order of importance it goes mindset, hard work, talent.) Professionals can smell amateurs coming at them from a hundred miles away. Let’s look closely, very closely, at the simplest example of how this plays […]

Be Generous to Be a Better Writer

Christmas Day has come, and my gift to you, as it is every Tuesday, is a new episode of my podcast, Writing the Wrong Way. Last week, I tackled the topic of productivity, and this week (in keeping with the holiday), I want to talk about generosity.  I believe writers should be generous. At its […]

Angie Abdou on Research for Fiction Writers — 017

Angie Abdou discusses the research process for fiction writing. Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD is the perfect podcast for serious writers who want to stand out in a crowded industry by becoming more productive while taking more artistic risks. Jonathan Ball, an author with a PhD in literature, interviews writers, screenwriters, musicians, […]

Making Comics with GMB Chomichuk, part 2 — 016

GMB Chomichuk talks making comics, his graphic novel trilogy MIDNIGHT CITY, how to have a creative career, and his newest project: a graphic novel for the Japanese band BABYMETAL. This is part 2 of a 2-part episode. Part 1 is available here Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD is the perfect podcast for […]