"This collection confirms Jonathan Ball as one of Canada’s very best writers.”

— Suzette Mayr

The Lightning of Possible Storms

What People Are Saying

"The stories in The Lightning of Possible Storms are multi-faceted puzzle boxes, far more complex than they may initially appear … an impressive clockwork construction of narrative cogs and gears that never loses sight of either its humanity or its nature as a manufactured work of art." — from the Quill & Quire review by Robert J. Wiersema

“Cheerfully horrifying, and full of the unexpected, The Lightning of Possible Storms is an entertaining Borgesian foray into the existential dread of writing itself.” —Saleema Nawaz, author of Songs for the End of the World

“This collection is so beautifully written and expertly composed—it is rich, layered, and complex. In every story, characters are forced to confront their secret, subterranean selves, their suppressed longings and anxieties, and the stories will linger with you long after you’ve finished them, much like the last strains of a beloved song. Witty, sad, sardonic, each story is its own masterpiece. This collection confirms Jonathan Ball as one of Canada’s very best writers.” —Suzette Mayr, author of Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall

A Gift for You

I’m offering 3 special bonuses to anyone who purchases my book.

Writing a book is a long and difficult journey. I wrote the first of the stories in this book almost 20 years ago. I worked on this book in between other projects. I wanted every page to be perfect for you. Now that the book is out, I want you to know that I am grateful you showed up to read it.

If you buy the book anywhere and email me your receipt, then I will send you 3 special bonuses to thank you for buying this book.

Bonus 1: An eBook copy of my first book, EX MACHINA

Bookhug Press is publishing The Lightning of Possible Storms, my first short story collection, and 11 years ago they also took a chance on my first poetry book (and my first book ever!) — a strange “choose your own adventure” style poetry book called Ex Machina.

Bonus 2: A bonus short story, DALNAVERT

A ghost story written after I stayed a night in a “haunted house,” the Dalnavert museum in Winnipeg. It only ever appeared in a very limited edition chapbook publication, and is essentially unpublished.

Bonus 3: Another bonus story, THE PRINCESS AND THE DRAGON

This experimental horror story was co-written by myself and GMB Chomichuk and was never before published. It will appear soon in STRANGER FICTION, a magazine I am co-founding, which you can get a sneak preview of by reading this story.

How to Get Your Bonuses

Step 1: Buy the Book

The Lightning of Possible Storms is available anywhere books are sold. I recommend the following:

McNally Robinson Booksellers, my local bookstore and Canada’s largest independent bookstore.

Direct from the publishers, Bookhug Press

Signed copies are available from my personal online store

Amazon Canada

Amazon USA

… Or anywhere else you buy books!

Step 2: Email Your Receipt

Forward your receipt (or a photo of your receipt) to lightningbonuses.uus89h@zapiermail.com

Step 3: Enjoy!

In a little while, you will receive an email giving you access to your bonuses. Enjoy them!


Your support for this book means the world to me and I’m thrilled to be sharing The Lightning of Possible Storms with you. Keep in touch!