3rd Annual Peter Norman Prize for Posting

Starting whenever I did, I have given out a prize for reading and posting to this blog, named in honour of the person who won it whenever I gave it out last/first: Peter Norman, author of At the Gates of the Theme Park.

The prize is some random thing, and is given out each year to the person who posts the most on this blog during the previous year.

So the 2010 Peter Norman Prize for Posting goes to: Zachariah Wells, author of many books, including the recent Track & Trace. I’ll send Zach his secret mystery prize in the mail whenever I get around to it. By the way, Zach, e-mail me your mailing address.

The runner-up this year was Saleema Nawaz, who took home the 2009 Peter Norman Prize (and also the 2008 Journey Prize, whatever that is). Peter Norman, by comparison, has really fallen off the posting wagon.

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