Haiku Horoscopes

Horoscope columns so often seem identical to one another — but you want a column that makes your publication stand out, something unique that readers seek out and talk about.

That’s why I started writing “Haiku Horoscopes.”

I published “Haiku Horoscopes” for over a decade, and am now seeking to syndicate the column. I will only sell to one publication per city, in order to give my client-publishers the full benefit of its uniqueness.

After 13 years of weekly publishing in Winnipeg, readers still loved “Haiku Horoscopes.” I was once talking to Mark McKinney from The Kids in the Hall and some guy interrupted us — because he was a fan of me, or rather my haiku horoscopes!

On another occasion, I ran into a woman who had cut the column out of the paper and carried it in her pocket. Her boyfriend was travelling across the world and insisted she call him, paying international phone fees, in order to read him the latest column.

I am always at jonathan@jonathanball.com and I would love to hear from you if you are interested. I always submit on time if not early. I will send you a card on your birthday!

Sample Columns

Some of my favourite “Haiku Horoscopes”! If you don’t want to click on them all, you can also download the whole batch as a PDF file (just over 3 MB).

E-mail me, and let’s talk about how you can start running haiku horoscopes in your publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already run a horoscopes column?

Since my column has a humour focus, it sits happily alongside a more serious column and helps to expand readership.

Do you supply images or a designed column?

So far, publications have preferred to design their own column layouts and zodiac images, to match their own aesthetic, and so I have only supplied the text — however, if you prefer, I am happy to supply my own zodiac images and/or a fully designed column as an image.

When do you produce the new column?

Whenever you want it — my weekly deadline is simply the earliest deadline I am given. Therefore, I always submit on time or early. In 13 years, I have never blown a deadline.

What Next?

Get in touch, and we’ll talk! I am always at jonathan@jonathanball.com and I would love to hear from you.