Rihanna ft. Drake — “What’s My Name”

Rihanna begins the song by singing gibberish to establish the melody, a common musical technique — she continues to sing gibberish even after the melody is established. She then asks, “What's my name?” This is a rhetorical question. Rihanna does not suffer from amnesia or an identity crisis. Rather, she say this to increase her sexual pleasure during coitus.

Drake announces that he has heard of Rihanna's sexual appetites secondhand from an unnamed source. He attempts to complete a math equation, unsuccessfully, hoping to arouse her sexual interest. Drake then tries to convince Rihanna that, if the conditions are right and include both marijuana and white wine, he might be able to please her sexually. After they undress, she appears dissatisfied and attempts to leave, but Drake convinces her to stay for at least 20 minutes because traffic is bad anyway. She later leaves, and he texts her suggestively.

Though it may sound unimpressive to the listener, Rihanna states that this has been her most fulfilling sexual encounter. She looks forward to her next lovemaking session with Drake. She hopes that he will be adept at orally pleasuring her. She desires intense sexual pleasure that she believes can be achieved only through surrendering her body to a man like Drake. She then asks Drake to repeat her name.

Rihanna would rather be with Drake than any other man. She is open to any suggestion he might make. She implies, metaphorically, that this includes anal sex.

For the confused listener, who doesn't understand how Drake has managed to elicit this level of commitment from Rihanna when he couldn't convince her to remain in his company for more than 20 minutes, Rihanna explains. In that time, Drake determined precisely how her body might respond to various stimuli. He thus drove her to the point of madness. Perhaps this also explains the gibberish.

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