What are you working on right now, Sina Queyras?

Oh, and while I haven't yet taken to walking backwards, I am sleeping backwards and I might also be thinking backwards.

But look, I mean who is going to complain about having two manuscripts when you were only planning on one? Sort of like having twins when you were only thinking of one, which sounds familiar and stressful.

I'm working on a poetry manuscript that seems to have split into two manuscripts. More confusing, I'm writing it backwards. I start at the beginning each time I sit down, and write the page prior to that.

So, when you asked me this originally what I was working on a big sigh went up. Apparently I am working on telling Jonathan what I am working on.

The new LemonHound.com is due to be unveiled. That has taken up more time than expected even though there are some dozen writers involved. It will be amazing. More than I thought it could be.

I am not teaching this fall so I am supposed to ONLY be working on MY OWN POETRY, but this proves very difficult with 1 year old twins, and students, even if I am not teaching them, and the ongoing world of my Internet life.

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