What are you working on right now, derek beaulieu?

I’m currently working on several projects: with gregory betts I am co-editing a critical reissue of bill bissett’s 1972 classic volume RUSH: WHAT FUCKAN THEORY A STUDY UV LANGUAGE (bookthug, 2012), with lori emerson I am co-editing WRITING SURFACES: THE FICTION OF JOHN RIDDELL (wilfrid laurier UP, 2013) and kit dobson is editing PLEASE, NO MORE POETRY: THE POETRY OF DEREK BEAULIEU (wilfrid laurier UP, 2013). On top of that im teaching 3 classes this coming semester; 2 at Mount Royal University and 1 at ACAD — and I’m working on an autobiographical memoir/novel entitled “extispicium” which is an exploration of family memory and trauma. Each of these projects compliment my visual arts practice, publishing thru no press and community work… Information, bio, photos and updates on whats new can be found online at www.derekbeaulieu.wordpress.com.

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