What are you working on right now, Chris Rutkowski?

This revamped site will have a host of regular features, and resources, and only intermittent and well-fleshed blog postings. The basic thrust is: more stuff, less me. One of the new features is “What are you working on right now?” — a column where artists of various stripes answer that question. Since publishing and other arts industries move slowly, the “newest” thing from someone is often the thing they finished years ago. I want to know what's up now! –JB

What am I working on? Trying to solve world hunger, bring global peace, invent clean energy and educate the masses. But in the meantime, I’m writing a few more manuscripts for UFO-related books at the request of a publisher (and the public), and one major non-UFO book about the life of a Manitoban in the 1930s. I’m also speaking next month at Margaret Laurence House on the art of writing, teaching a cont-ed course on writing, presenting at a conference in Regina, and attending a few paranormal conferences in the USA. I’m still blogging (uforum.blogspot.com) and I continue to receive several UFO reports each day from across Canada. And yes, media are still contacting me for radio, newspaper and TV commentary on UFO-ish stuff. (Discovery Channel wants me to do another UFO show, too.) Oh, and I sleep occasionally.

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