It Is Easier


It is easier to recognize faces than recall names. It is easier to smuggle ivory than drugs. It is easier to pass through the eye of a needle, for me [...]

It Is Easier2017-09-04T10:08:14+00:00

Natalee Caple on Writing Titles


I had the pleasure of interviewing Natalee Caple about writing titles. Since I met Caple, she has completed a poetry book, The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg), a collection of short [...]

Natalee Caple on Writing Titles2015-01-30T22:36:26+00:00

Chadwick Ginther on Practical Matters


Chadwick Ginther is the author of Thunder Road (Ravenstone Books), a fantasy in which the larger-than-life personalities and monsters of Norse mythology lurk hidden in Manitoba. A sequel, Tombstone Blues, is set for Fall 2013. His short [...]

Chadwick Ginther on Practical Matters2014-08-15T20:43:00+00:00

Does Writing Get Easier?


When I talk to beginning writers, they often say something that makes it clear that they think writing gets easier. Sometimes they flat-out ask me if it gets easier. I [...]

Does Writing Get Easier?2014-08-15T20:43:51+00:00

David Annandale on Practical Matters


For a new feature, "Practical Matters," I ask a handful of practically minded questions to a group of writers (then later, ask a new group a set of new questions). [...]

David Annandale on Practical Matters2014-08-15T20:44:01+00:00

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