Talking About Armand Schwerner

I’ve shown up, as if by magic, on the blog of Sina Queyras, talking about Armand Schwerner. Another quotation from the book, gleaned from the same review (my copy is packed in a box right now):

If you step on me
may your leg become green and gangrenous
and may its heavy flow of filth
stop up your eyes forever, may your face
go to crystal, may your meat be glass
in your throat and your fucking
fail. If you lift your arms in grief
may they never come down and you be known
as Idiot Tree and may you never die

The First One's Free.

The First One's Free.

To celebrate (over) a decade since my first book, I’m offering it for free.

EX MACHINA is a choose-your-own-adventure-style poetry-novel hybrid about how machines have changed what it means to be human.

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