Warren G ft. Nate Dogg — “Regulate”

“Regulate” is an example of narrative poetry, in which the drama takes place over three acts. First, in the prologue, Warren G calls upon his “regulators” — friends who protect him (for unexplained reasons, Warren G cannot defend himself). Here the song takes a self-reflexive, somewhat postmodern twist: just as Nate Dogg steps in to “regulate” the streets and make them safe for Warren G, so also does he “regulate” the song itself, providing a much-needed hook through his vocal performance, thus “saving” Warren G’s character in the fiction and Warren G’s single in reality.

In the first act, Warren G heads into the streets in search of one or more women. At the same time, Nate Dogg heads into the streets to find Warren G. Nate sees a car full of women (what Warren is looking for) but cares little. Warren, meanwhile, has become distracted and attempted to join a dice game, only to be robbed at gunpoint. The women in the car, while checking Nate Dogg out, are distracted by his physical beauty and crash. Nate then glimpses Warren being robbed — instead of fighting back, Warren wishes for wings so he might escape, an ineffective strategy. Nate, luckily, has loaded his gun with 17 bullets (a full clip and chamber) and murders the would-be robbers, saving Warren. (Kindly, Nate credits Warren with also being a “regulator” of the streets, perhaps to soothe his bruised ego.)

In the second act, unconcerned by the just-committed murders, Nate mentions the crashed car of women to Warren. The two agree that having sex with the women, rather than taking them to the hospital or sanitizing the crime scene, is the best course of action. All drive to a nearby motel to have sex.

However, the third act finds Warren and Nate not having sex but lecturing both women and listeners on the genre of G-funk. In G-funk, bass and treble are of equivalent importance. Rhythm and melody combine unerringly. Both chords and string progressions are prevalent. G-funk is not merely a musical genre — it transcends musicality to become philosophy. One should smoke marijuana while listening to G-funk.

Nate Dogg will kill you “if your ass is a buster.” (“Busters” are unlikely to appreciate G-funk.)

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