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Recommended Artistic Consumption is my weekly email newsletter.

Every week, I send subscribers a brief update on my secret projects and special offers, and three “RACs”:

  • Recommended Artistic Consumption. I recommend the coolest artwork I’ve seen or thought about lately. I have strange, eclectic tastes, and a large library of oddities, so you’ll be surprised.
  • Raise Artistic Capacity. I talk tips, tricks, and tools, things you can do or use — things that I actually use — to create art.
  • Rise, Artistic Creation! I offer a writing exercise, to spur your creativity. Many of them teach new or experimental forms, styles, and techniques.

As a bonus, I will also send you my free ebook 5 Steps to Create and Maintain Your Writing Schedule … and the secrets of life and death and time!

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Some (not all) of my recent recommendations are collected below, for your enjoyment.

“Serial Killers” by Kathryn Mockler

Kathryn Mockler is the author of the poetry books The Purpose Pitch (Mansfield Press, "a stuart ross book," Spring 2015), The Saddest Place on Earth (DC Books, 2012), and Onion Man (Tightrope Books, 2011). Her [...]

“for play” — a poem by Kayla Czaga

Kayla Czaga is the author of For Your Safety Please Hold On (Nightwood Editions, 2014), which won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award and was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize and the Debut-litzer. Her [...]

The Exiles' Gallery (Elise Partridge)

Elise Partridge’s The Exiles’ Gallery is her third and sadly final book, since Partridge passed away earlier this year. The collection sparkles with small treasures. The speaker of one poem thinks of the moon and sees [...]

Write a Lot by Writing on Schedule

Join my newsletter for my free eBook 5 STEPS TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN YOUR WRITING SCHEDULE. When I meet writers, whether emerging or established, I ask them the same ice-breaking question: What do they find to be [...]

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