Writing is nothing if not carrying the hopeless, backbreaking burden of decisions devoid of consequences.

Aleksandar Hemon
The Making of Zombie Wars (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015), 5

All we have to do is wait long enough and death will come. Waiting for writing to occur is less of a sure bet.

David Rasch
The Blocked Writer's Book of the Dead (Pacific Grove: Park Place, 2010), 13

Writer’s block is a good example of a dispositional fallacy … Writer’s block is nothing more than the behaviour of not writing. Saying that you can’t write because of writer’s block is merely saying that you can’t write because you aren’t writing. It’s trivial. The cure for writer’s block — if you can cure a specious affliction — is writing. … Just as aliens abduct only people who believe in alien abductions, writer’s block strikes only writers who believe in it.

Paul J. Silvia
How to Write a Lot (Washington: American Psychological Association, 2007), 45-47

Poetry in the future will take the form of pills, pulse-bearing wires, neuro-implants, grafts, virtual realities, and genetic manipulations. Every poet will be half-poet, half-something else: half-plastic surgeon, half-programmer, half-pharmacist.

Daniel Scott Tysdal
The Writing Moment (Don Mills: Oxford UP, 2014), 114

Keep reminding yourself that literature is one of the saddest roads that leads to everything.

André Breton
Manifestoes of Surrealism (Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor Paperbacks, 1972), 29

No category of fiction has a guarantee of immortality, and any category that fails to grow deserves to die.

Dean Koontz
How to Write Best-Selling Fiction (Cincinnati: Writer’s Digest, 1981), 46

Can I recycle my broken blue box by placing it out for recycling collection?

No. Our automated sorting equipment cannot handle broken blue boxes. Therefore, if you need to throw out a broken blue box, put it in a garbage bag and put it out for garbage collection.