“Join the Wrinkle Resistance” by Ryan Fitzpatrick

Published in FAKE MATH (McNally | Amazon).

If you are one of my students, consider the following:

  1. What is the difference between the language that we encounter in poetry, and the language that we encounter in advertising? What’s the effect of placing advertising language in a poem?

  2. What is the “wrinkle resistance”? How does your interpretation of this phrase matter to an understanding of the poem?

  3. What in the wider culture does the poem seem to criticize? Is there a way it also seems to criticize poetry?



Grindaecology! Don’t be a schmo!
Free small molecules in your slacks!

Join the linen revival! Carnival travel
pants! Or maybe, incromectant cramps!

Antistatic butyl rubber: it’s free! Or
should be! Bob your pants on up!

Retire your iron! Freedom flat front
slacks! Inspect diet and lifestyle!

Easy-care sheets combine hot sex with
wheat! High performance fabric!

Yarn bulks up! All skin types quick dry!
Against your junk! Secret hiding pocket!

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The First One's Free.

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