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My favourite novel (in English) is MOBY-DICK, and I'm thrilled to have discovered Ishmael's Twitter feed!!! Enjoy.

feeling angsty gotta head to the sea again i guess you know how it bees when youse a #sleaze lol

hooked up with this weird dude last night his name’s Queequeg he’s got a face tattoo lol just my type right? #lol

place just serves chowder but they have 2 types tastes fine Queequeg seems to like it he says we’re married now like #whatever Queequeg lol

signed up to #whale on this boat captain supposed to have one ivory leg that sounds cool maybe i can get a selfie hugging his leg later lol

whaling is hard work lots to learn about #Plato for some reason guess he fought whales? idk lol

havent seen the captain still weird but whatevs odd gang on this ship oh did i mention Queequeg’s god looks like a #dildo lol

reading lots of books got lots of time #learning lots like diff names for whales also like how universe a dark void lol

captain Ahab rolled up finally and started talking smack about some white whale whatevs we get it #KillTheWhale duh we are whalers lol

Moby Dick is serious the name of the whale omg lol lol #LOLLL

a white whale too like named Moby Dick lol #sperm #skeet #WhaleTale lol

lots of #nothing so thought about whales a lot why not gotta think something keep falling asleep when on watch lol

not much to do learning lots about #whaling pretty cool i guess but also like whatever whales are fishes i gets it lol

trip starting to drag like what the dilly when do we get to fuck with whales #totes wanna get a whale lol

some mysterious dudes just #RolledOut of the hold one guy is a prophet I guess like whatever lol

poor Pip got sea crazed I guess totes crazy up in the #hizzy on this whale boat lol

Queequeg got sick an built a coffin but then like he fine now with a #fine-assCoffin haha what a dork lol

omg this other dude lost an arm to Moby Dick and his name is wait for it captain #BOOMER wtf haha is this real life lol

Ahab gots him a new #harpoon pretty boss but like enuff already I gets it you hate Moby Dick this dude is one-note lol

MOBY DICK!!! MOBY DICK!!! kinda scary and cool and all but #yenno built it up a bit much sorta expected more idk whatevs lol

whale’s gotta do what a whale’s gotta do I’ma gonna try to keep my distance #yolo lol

kinda seems like these dudes don’t know much about killing whales they know a lot about NOT killing whales though like #wtf lol

almost drowned but then Queequeg’s coffin popped up so floating coffin keeping me alive #ironic yo haha lol

got #saved by some ship boring here though kinda sucks without some mad quest to get the blood pumping oh well fun while it lasted lol

guess the moral of the story is that the universe is godless and indifferent? plus whales are big #yo also death is our fate #whatever #lol

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