Spoony B in “How Spoony B Got His Ho Back”

(7 minutes; Winnipeg Film Group, 2005)

Directed by Jonathan Ball

Written by Jonathan Ball and Patrick Short
Music by Patrick Keenan and Theme by Spoony B & Ugly D


Aleksander Rzeszowski as Spoony B
Ken Freund as Snidely S. Cracker
Melissa Best as Loshandra

Proving once again that no Winnipeg Film Group premiere would be complete without a reference to prostitution, Spoony B features the titular pimp (Aleksander Rzeszowski) rescuing his favourite employee from evil villains. Filmmaker Jonathan Ball avoids the usual WFG clichés, though, with the sneaky, inspired notion to combine silent-film melodrama and ’70s pimp-sploitation subject matter, Chaplinesque physical comedy and jive-talking inter-titles. — Winnipeg Free Press




(15 minutes; Martian Embassy Films, 2007)

Directed by Jonathan Ball

Written by Jonathan Ball and Phil McGreevy


Aleksander Rzeszowski as Alexei
Dan Kern as Geoffrey
Eve Majzels as Pierrette
Rob Vilar as Wood
Jonathan Ball as Jon Von Ball

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