Clockfire in Nathaniel G. Moore’s round-up

Poet Nathaniel G. Moore has nicely “rounded-up” many of the more interesting-looking poetry releases this fall, and Clockfire managed to make the list. You can click the excerpt for the full article.

Jonathan Ball’s Clockfire sounds intriguing to say the least. And I don’t mean “intriguing” in a wine taste description sort of way, I’m being truthful. The premise is a suit of poems that are outlines for dramatic plays that would be impossible to put on the stage. Plays of the impossible so to speak. Just imagine the possibilities. From the dirtsheet:

plays in which, for example, the director burns out the sun, actors murder their audience or the laws of physics are defiled. The poems in a sense replace the need for drama, and are predicated on the idea that modern theatre lacks both ‘clocks’ and ‘fire’ and thus fails to offer its audiences immediate, violent engagement.

I’m especially excited about Hajnoczky’s book Poets and Killers and the Wershler/Kennedy “joint” Update.

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The First One's Free.

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