Leatherface Sonnets

or, What Can Writers Learn from Leatherface? Want some sonnets about Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? TRICK QUESTION! BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below, you’ll find the text for my talk on horror and writing, what we writers can learn from Leatherface of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre fame about being an artist. You can also […]


Having Too Many Ideas

Beginning writers often worry about ideas. The question “Where do you get your ideas?” has become a cliché, a question writers hate to answer, and the reason everyone hates it so much is this: non-beginning writers know that “getting ideas” is the easiest thing about writing. The difficulty, if you write regularly, is not getting […]

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Reframing Rejection

One of my earliest rejection letters, from age 22. This rejection letter reshaped my entire thought process around rejection and in retrospect was foundational in my career. Let me walk you through how it blew my young mind and made me rethink how I would view rejections forever. Most writers would do well to reframe […]

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