New Short Fiction in JOYLAND!

Joyland Magazine
5 May 2016

I have a new short story in Joyland! It contains the best sentence I ever wrote:

“Dudes are always fucking with other dudes in Shakespeare.”

Read it!

The Nightmare Ballad of the Drunken Brand Identity with a Cameo by Shakespeare and a Title that Cannot Get Worse

(Thanks to Kathryn Mockler, William Neil Scott, and Natalee Caple for their feedback on its drafts. And thanks to Jessie Taylor for her poem about King Lear, which inspired me to write this story in the first place.)

Here’s an excerpt for you:

“Gimme a gun, I need to kill myself quick.”

The clerk blinks and squints. “You can’t just walk into a gun store and say something like that and expect to get a gun quick.”

“Why the hell not?”

The man spits. “Permits.”


“You don’t need to tell me, buddy.”

“Look, I gotta end this thing. Drinking yourself to death is too slow and requires too much storytelling. A gun would be nice and quick, you just need a motivation, and I’m the kind of character that pops his own head off with a gun so I don’t even really need much in the way of that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, which is another reason I can’t sell you a gun today.”

“Shit. Well, I gotta go then.”

Call for CCWWP Proposals!

I am on the board of CCWWP (Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs) and so here is the call for proposals for our next conference!


Be a Part of Our Conference

Submit your proposal by November 2, 2015

In 2016 CCWWP’s conference programming will be part of a 4-day, multi-organization super-conference held at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The inaugural Canadian Writers’ Summit (June 15-19, 2016) offers CCWWP participants the opportunity to engage in collaborative intellectual and creative exchanges with other writers and teachers; to explore new issues and topics in research, craft, pedagogy, and the writing life; and to discuss the teaching and learning of creative writing in universities, colleges, and communities.

CCWWP is currently seeking proposals for panel discussions, forums, readings, presentations, and papers, about:

  • the art of writing
  • the pedagogy of teaching writing
  • the business of writing and publishing
  • educational and community programs for writers
  • elements of craft and criticism

CCWWP invites dynamic and innovative approaches to presentations and welcomes moderated panel proposals and/or individual paper proposals that employ critical and creative strategies and forms. Multi-media and collaborative presentations are encouraged.

For more information about our call for proposals, click here.
To submit your proposal, click here.