The Demonologist (Andrew Pyper)

Jean-Paul Sartre once wrote that “Hell is other people,” but Andrew Pyper’s Hell is nothing so mundane. The Demonologist is populated by, well, demons, although Pyper remains focused on the earthly torments of his characters.  When literature professor David Ullman loses his daughter Tess after a demonic encounter, he embarks on a journey across countries […]

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Writing in a Haunted House — 008

Jonathan Ball is joined by Lauren Carter, Kevin Marc Fournier, and Joanna Graham to spend a night in the haunted Dalnavert House as a writing retreat and discuss dark fiction and developing ideas. Writing the Wrong Way with Jonathan Ball, PhD is the perfect podcast for serious writers who want to stand out in a […]

Deep River Night (Patrick Lane)

Deep River Night, award-winning poet Patrick Lane’s second novel, feels like a cross between the early novels of Cormac McCarthy, which revolve around sudden eruptions of violence in rural areas where savagery otherwise thrums as an undercurrent, and Sheila Watson’s marrying of mysticism to similar themes.  Lane’s story revolves around Art Kenning, an alcoholic veteran […]

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