“Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin discuss controversy over the authorship of Gravity”

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10 February 2015

My favourite writing podcast is Scriptnotes, a podcast about “screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters,” and this episode is worth any writer’s while — even if you are NOT a screenwriter.

Screenwriters John August (Big Fish, Go) and Craig Mazin (Hangover 2 & 3, Identity Thief) discuss recent controversy concerning the authorship of the movie Gravity and its alleged basis in a novel. Authors of novels and of screenplays may be surprised at how they dissect this case.

This is an especially instructive lesson on film properties and any author that might ever be in a position to sell film rights (i.e., any publishing author), or any author that might be hired to adapt an “underlying property,” can learn a lot from this.

They also give a tidy explanation of what the word “attached” means. This is usually confusing for writers, because of how it gets reported in the media. (In a nutshell, you should always ignore any reports of anyone being “attached” to anything.)