You’re invited to remix my books. I’ve released all three under Creative Commons licences that allow for non-commercial, attributed derivations.

Take your mind’s knife to The Politics of Knives! Adapt the impossible plays of Clockfire! Recombine Ex Machina‘s “code” to craft your own strange machines! You can use the poems from the books as building blocks for new works, by quoting or even copying the text, or use the concepts of the books as springboards for your own ideas. Consider these books your intellectual playground.

There are only four simple rules:

(1) you attribute Jonathan Ball as the original author of the work you are remixing (i.e., say somewhere that you’re remixing the book, and I wrote that book — you are still considered the creator/copyright holder of your remixes, although you waive certain rights as in rule 3);

(2) you create non-commercial works (i.e., you don’t make money off of anything you do);

(3) you share alike by releasing your remixes under the same licence, whether implicitly or explicitly, so that other people can use your remixes as the basis for their own remixes.

(4) Tell me all about it!

If you want to break one of these rules, (e.g., use the books as the basis for a commercial work) then that’s possible — contact me.

I want to hear about your stuff, but you don’t need my permission to make attributed, non-commercial remixes that you plan to share under the same licence — so go nuts.


REMIXES ***will update later***

Gary Barwin reversed parts of Clockfire