Welcome to the Writing the Wrong Way Archives! This site focuses on five main topics:

  • Writing — My posts about writing range between theory and practice, but focus on experimental techniques and on tips to improve your skills as a writer.

  • Editing — My posts about editing focus on revising both for style and structure, with an emphasis on how writing can develop through multiple drafts.

  • Reading — My posts on reading often take the form of recommendations or reviews. I read at least #95books each year. Sometimes I post poems or fiction or work in progress, “reading material” for you.

  • Working — My posts on working focus on the actual, practical process of writing. I aim to demystify writing. I don’t believe in inspiration and object to how writing is often discussed in quasi-mystical ways. I walk through my own writing systems in detail, and discuss the tools I use.

  • Film — I am a screenwriter and have also directed films, worked in film crews, and am a film scholar. My writings on film range from essays and reviews to film-related discussions of the other four categories.

Some articles fit into more than one category. In addition to articles, this site features three other types of posts:

  • Interviews — I often interview writers and other artists. These interviews are focused around specific, narrow topics. They range from print, audio, and video interviews.

  • Remixes — Readers sometimes send me artistic work they have created from my poetry books, which are published under Creative Commons licenses. This is where I post remixes. Make your own!

  • Stuff — These are “mini-posts” that include past media appearances, links to my publications on other sites, event notices, announcements, books I recommend, quotes, videos I thought were cool … a whole bunch of random things that don’t have the depth of my articles, but may still be of interest or use.