A Sonnet by Christian Bök

A sonnet not included inJailbreaks (even if Wells might like it, it didn’t exist) is Christian Bök’s translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Voyelles” — Bök’s translation is a virtuosic anagram of the original.

EDIT — See the comment below from Christian with the actual link tothe poem. I’m conflating two poems in my mind (the sonnet translation and the sonnet anagram). Curse you, memory! Both are in the new edition of EUNOIA.

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The First One's Free.

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2 thoughts on “A Sonnet by Christian Bök

  1. Hey, Jonathan:

    The poem at the indicated link is not, alas, the anagram, but my relatively straightforward translation of the poem into English. I have preserved the original rhyme scheme and alexandrine metre (but there are no other pyrotechnics at play in the work…).

    The anagram is online here:

    Cheers, Christian

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