Home of Sudden Service / CURIO: Grotesques & Satires from the Electronic Age (Elizabeth Bachinsky)

It's strange to see a poet produce two very distinct, quite dissimilar books, especially in succession. And for them both to be quite strong and to stand out within their respective genres. Home of Sudden Service has a lot to recommend it as a book of somewhat conventional lyric work. As somebody who grew up in a small town, I recognize and respond to the portraits of small-town life that Bachinsky paints with an expert hand. Overall, I prefer CURIO — a schizophrenic, energetic, strange engagement with various avant-garde practices that exposes Bachinsky's nimble mind and talent for prose poetry. The suite of poems drawing on Antonin Artaud's work and life seem the most playful and the ambitious anagram of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land oscillates between unreadable and un-put-down-able. Why don't more writers challenge themselves and vary their practices? And when will Bachinsky produce another book as elegant and excellent as CURIO?


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