The Anger Scale (Katie Degentesh)

(Great minds think alike, Ryan, even outside of classes…)

Degentesh has taken select questions from the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), “a psychological test consisting of 566 true/false questions that has been the benchmark for determining people’s mental pathologies as well as their fitness for court trials and military service since the 1930s” (75), and “administered” this question to the general American public by inputting it as a search string in Google, breaking it up into smaller phrases when necessary. She’s collated a cross-section of the results as these poems. Uneven but engrossing, with flashes of brilliance:

Have you ever been guilty of pre-judging someone —
say, an expert in blood-spatter patterns —
then found out that she was dating you only to “save your soul”???

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