115. Roberto Bolano: The Last Interview & Other Conversations

Whatever cash there might be to grab in the field of Bolano ephemera, this book attempts to grab that cash. After a strong introduction by Marcela Valdes, focused on Bolano's epic novel 2666, the disconnected interviews proceed to arouse mild interest.

The hyped “last interview” (with Mexico's Playboy) consists of a bunch of nonsense questions and playful answers. At one point the interviewer asks Bolano, “Do you like music?” to which he replies “Very much.”


The book is primarily worth reading for this exchange:

MM: What is your opinion about those who opine that you will win the Nobel Prize?

RB: I am sure, dear Maristain, that I will not win it, as I am sure that some lazy person from my generation will win it and not even in passing mention me during his or her Stockholm speech. (122)

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