derek beaulieu’s ENGL217 class responds to Ex Machina (and other awesome books)

The amazing poet/teacher derek beaulieu regularly uses my first book, Ex Machina, in his classes, but I don’t always get to see what his students produce. (Since I released my first three books under a Creative Commons licence, noncommercial remixes of the books don’t need my approval, so I don’t always find out about them.)

However, this time derek’s class has posted their responses to the book on an awesome blog that also contains their responses to other great books, including Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Jealousy and Paul Auster’s Ghosts.

I will link to each response separately, but the link above takes you to the “group exhibit.” Very flattered and thrilled by all of these stellar efforts, and many thanks to derek for continuing to teach Ex Machina.